Why do I need a sex addiction therapist if i’m using the 12 Steps?

Why do I need a sex addiction therapist
Congratulations! If you have committed to attending 12 Step meetings, you have decided that you want a life in recovery. Using the 12 Steps is an excellent way to regain control of your life, but it’s not enough. While being close to a group that shares your problems can be a rewarding experien ...more

Confessions of a Self-Soother

Playing Alone Was Soothing I remember my basement. The hard concrete floor, the thin carpet and the bright fluorescent lights. There were plastic models, puzzles, colored markers, and heaps of Legos. Even a little record player. My basement was a sanctuary. No one yelled. No one was mean or crit ...more

Pornography Addiction a Growing Concern for Young Teens

Many people are uncomfortable talking about pornography use and addiction in general, let alone as a problem that affects young teenagers and pre-teens. Unfortunately, regular pornography exposure is a real concern for adolescents and may put young people at risk for delinquent behavior and even tee ...more