For partners of sex addicts

Self-care isn't selfish

5 Self-Care Tips to Cope with Infidelity and Sex Addiction

Published on: October 5, 2021 Category: For partners of sex addicts
If you are involved with someone addicted to sex or acting out sexually, self-care is crucial. You are going through a highly stressful and painful time dealing with this situation, so take it easy and stay in the day. For example, if your spouse has been cheating on you for years, don't start planning what you will do .. Read more

Five reasons a therapist is recommended when disclosing your sexual betrayal

Published on: June 6, 2021 Category: For partners of sex addicts, Sex addiction therapy
Sex addiction can kill your relationship. It is a severe mental health issue, a dysfunction that affects many areas of your life. Your risky sexual behavior hurts you and others around you. It is unlikely – just about impossible – that you can handle sex addiction on your own. Probably you do your best to fight off .. Read more
Trauma for Partners

Working with Partners of Sex Addicts: An Interview with Dr. Barbara Steffens

Published on: April 4, 2018 Category: For partners of sex addicts, Sex addiction therapy
Can you talk briefly about your study, where you looked at betrayed partners of sex addicts from the trauma perspective? The research looked at trauma symptoms in betrayed partners after they learned about their spouse’s sexual addiction and betrayal. We expected to find some evidence of trauma symptoms when we un .. Read more
reaching out for help

5 Ways of Infidelity Affects You

Published on: February 20, 2015 Category: For partners of sex addicts
Infidelity is not rare. People cheat on their partners. What if you are the betrayed one? You feel devastated. Maybe your partner only wandered away once or twice – perhaps they are notorious cheaters, moreover, sex addicts, which means they have an obsessive approach to sex. The shock and pain will not go away soon; .. Read more

What Does Sexual Addiction Look Like?

Published on: September 25, 2014 Category: For partners of sex addicts, Sex/Porn addiction education
The answer may surprise you. It looks like you, or me, or your neighbor down the street. Sex addicts don’t “stand out” from the crowd. We have families, go to work or school, might be community leaders or even spiritual leaders. We’re college presidents and college students. CEOs and mail clerks. Beauticians an .. Read more

Sex Addiction: Is My Partner Addicted to Sex?

Published on: October 13, 2011 Category: For partners of sex addicts, Sex/Porn addiction education
Are you right? Is there really something wrong? Has it seemed like the emotional disconnect between you just gets bigger and bigger? You bring it up and say you feel like he or she is always somewhere else. It's like he's never really there. Always in his head. He tells you  he's "...been under a lot of stress" or .. Read more

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