Confessions of a Self-Soother

Published on: June 16, 2012 Category: Resources
Playing Alone Was Soothing I remember my basement. The hard concrete floor, the thin carpet and the bright fluorescent lights. There were plastic models, puzzles, colored markers, and heaps of Legos. Even a little record player. My basement was a sanctuary. No one yelled. No one was mean or critical or wanted s .. Read more

Five reasons a therapist is recommended when disclosing your sexual betrayal

Sex addiction can kill your relationship. It is a serious mental health issue, a dysfunction that affects many areas of your life. Your risky sexual behavior hurts you and others around you. It is unlikely – just about impossible – that you can handle sex addiction on your own. Probably you do your best to fight of .. Read more

Sexual Addiction Recovery One Day At a Time

You’ve been working hard on your sexual addiction recovery and you’re making real progress. People are starting to notice “the new you,” and comment on the positive changes they see, and congratulate you on your new outlook. This terrifies you. What if all this work is for nothing? What if you go right back to .. Read more

What Does Sexual Addiction Look Like?

The answer may surprise you. It looks like you, or me, or your neighbor down the street. Sex addicts don’t “stand out” from the crowd. We have families, go to work or school, might be community leaders or even spiritual leaders. We’re college presidents and college students. CEOs and mail clerks. Beauticians an .. Read more

Choosing a Sex Addiction Counselor: Are You Getting the Best Care?

Published on: October 13, 2011 Category: Couples in recovery, Resources, Sex addiction recovery
You've been discovered in your acting out behavior  ... and now you must make a decision. Do you make a real effort at recovery or do you make more promises that you hope you can keep? This time you decide well and choose to do whatever it takes to get and stay Sexually Sober. This Includes Counseling. Whether .. Read more

What Every Sex Addict Needs to Know About the 12-Steps

Work the Steps! You’ve made a decision to do whatever it takes to get and stay sexually sober. You have a therapist who understands sex addiction. You’re accountable for your behavior and you take responsibility for your fantasy. Your computers and phones have filtering software and you’ve removed any and all of .. Read more

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