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Early Sex Addiction Recovery: The Wave

Published on: July 27, 2012 Category: Sex addiction recovery, Symptoms, problems, causes
Discovery is a little like being crushed by a huge ocean wave. Early Sex addiction recovery is like a that wave pummels you for what seems like forever. Instinct takes over and you fight to catch a breath. It's a fight you can't win, so you surrender yourself to the fate of the angry sea. And the wave carries you .. Read more

Five reasons a therapist is recommended when disclosing your sexual betrayal

Sex addiction can kill your relationship. It is a serious mental health issue, a dysfunction that affects many areas of your life. Your risky sexual behavior hurts you and others around you. It is unlikely – just about impossible – that you can handle sex addiction on your own. Probably you do your best to fight of .. Read more

Sexual Recovery Just For Today

Published on: November 24, 2014 Category: Healthy sexuality, Sex addiction recovery, Symptoms, problems, causes
Below are some thoughts to help keep you “in the moment” as you journey toward healthy sexuality and physical and emotional fitness. If you find yourself in a difficult situation or frame of mind, choose the thought that addresses your stumbling block. By keeping a “just for today” mindset, you will be better e .. Read more

Sexual Addiction Recovery One Day At a Time

You’ve been working hard on your sexual addiction recovery and you’re making real progress. People are starting to notice “the new you,” and comment on the positive changes they see, and congratulate you on your new outlook. This terrifies you. What if all this work is for nothing? What if you go right back to .. Read more

What Does Sexual Addiction Look Like?

The answer may surprise you. It looks like you, or me, or your neighbor down the street. Sex addicts don’t “stand out” from the crowd. We have families, go to work or school, might be community leaders or even spiritual leaders. We’re college presidents and college students. CEOs and mail clerks. Beauticians an .. Read more

Porn Addiction and Sex Addiction – What’s the Difference?

Published on: April 5, 2013 Category: Pornography help, Sex addiction recovery, Symptoms, problems, causes
Jeff Schultz has authored a guest post for Rob Weiss on Psych Central called " “Porn Addiction and Sex Addiction - What’s the Difference?” A little more about the article below.... Few people really understand how the Internet has supercharged the power of pornography and made it a far more potent and addi .. Read more

Why did you Become a Sex Addict?

How did this happen? You’ve made good decisions in so many areas of your life, but with sex.

What went wrong?

Why you?
You want to understand. You need to understand.

Needing to know “why” is a flailing grasp for control.

Needing to know “why” is not surrender. Wanting to know “why” makes sense.

The Lead Engineer on the Titanic “needed” to know why too.

After all, the Titanic was the “biggest and safest” ship ever built when it first set sail …

… but by the fourth day of it’s maiden voyage,

… the Titanic was sinking.

It wasn’t supposed to be sinking, but it was.

It was time to get off the ship and many did.

Our Lead Engineer, however, felt it his duty to know why the ship was sinking. He neededto know.

He went down into the sinking ship, down long passages, through many ship hatches, until he discovered …

Yes! It was an iceberg that had ripped open a hole in the ship.. and that’s why it was sinking.

Now he knew why.

The Engineer rushed back through the hatches, up the long passageways, and finally reached the tilted rail.

Looking out over the ocean, braced against the rail, he raised both hands above his head and shouted out to the life boats,


At that moment, the Titanic raised up, snapped completely in half, and took our engineer to his watery grave.

Moral of the story?

Knowing why won’t save you when your ship is sinking.

Get in the lifeboat!

Jeff Schultz, LPC, CSAT, is the owner and founder of the Sono­ran Heal­ing Cen­ter in Phoenix, Arizona.

Jeff Schultz on Tiger Woods

Published on: November 2, 2011 Category: Sex addiction news, Symptoms, problems, causes
I'm asked about Tiger Woods and Sexual Addiction Recovery. Was Tiger ever in Arizona?

Sex Addiction: Is My Partner Addicted to Sex?

Published on: October 13, 2011 Category: For partners, Sex addiction recovery, Symptoms, problems, causes
Are you right? Is there really something wrong? Has it seemed like the emotional disconnect between you just gets bigger and bigger? You bring it up and say you feel like he or she is always somewhere else. It's like he's never really there. Always in his head. He tells you  he's "...been under a lot of stress" or .. Read more

What Every Sex Addict Needs to Know About the 12-Steps

Work the Steps! You’ve made a decision to do whatever it takes to get and stay sexually sober. You have a therapist who understands sex addiction. You’re accountable for your behavior and you take responsibility for your fantasy. Your computers and phones have filtering software and you’ve removed any and all of .. Read more

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