Early Sex addiction Recovery Wave

Early Sex Addiction Recovery: The Wave

Discovery is a little like being crushed by a huge ocean wave. Early Sex addiction recovery is like a that wave pummels you for what seems like forever.

Instinct takes over and you fight to catch a breath. It’s a fight you can’t win, so you surrender yourself to the fate of the angry sea.

And the wave carries you slowly to shore.

Early sex addiction recovery can be like a wave of pain, shame, and fear that carries you through the first weeks. Driven forward in a desperate attempt to keep from drowning, you listen and you follow directions. In time, recovery gets easier until one day you’re resting on the beach.

The beach seems safe.

Vaguely aware that dangers lie ahead, you rest.

Sure enough, you rest too long and an even larger wave grabs you and pulls you back into the surf. This time you know what to do and so you ‘re able to keep yourself out of the worst surf as you ride a smaller wave back to shore.

Will you rest again on the beach?

Will you risk it all for more excitement in the surf?

Or, will you step off the beach and take your first steps on this new land?

It’s up to you…

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2 thoughts on “Early Sex Addiction Recovery: The Wave

  1. Jeff, Good posting, great question: what maintains my sexual addiction? I think it is definately the emotional component. When I subcontiously or automatically disconnect from reality due to the pressure from my emotions. I try to stay in the present and not run to my fantasy by practicing simple excersises. I try to slow down all my physical activities and focus on my breathing. If I am able to recognize my fantasy thinking (takes practice) I remind myself, It is not that woman I desire. I desire that woman’s parts. It sounds weird, but this effectively breaks the fantasy because It brings in brutal truth. I don’t know how or why it works it just does work for me. -Julian

  2. Sounds like being mindful of what is true in the moment is working well for you. By that I mean your breath and your present moment physical experience. Great job!

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