Why did you Become a Sex Addict?

How did this happen? You’ve made good decisions in so many areas of your life, but with sex.

What went wrong?

Why you?
You want to understand. You need to understand.

Needing to know “why” is a flailing grasp for control.

Needing to know “why” is not surrender. Wanting to know “why” makes sense.

The Lead Engineer on the Titanic “needed” to know why too.

After all, the Titanic was the “biggest and safest” ship ever built when it first set sail …

… but by the fourth day of it’s maiden voyage,

… the Titanic was sinking.

It wasn’t supposed to be sinking, but it was.

It was time to get off the ship and many did.

Our Lead Engineer, however, felt it his duty to know why the ship was sinking. He neededto know.

He went down into the sinking ship, down long passages, through many ship hatches, until he discovered …

Yes! It was an iceberg that had ripped open a hole in the ship.. and that’s why it was sinking.

Now he knew why.

The Engineer rushed back through the hatches, up the long passageways, and finally reached the tilted rail.

Looking out over the ocean, braced against the rail, he raised both hands above his head and shouted out to the life boats,


At that moment, the Titanic raised up, snapped completely in half, and took our engineer to his watery grave.

Moral of the story?

Knowing why won’t save you when your ship is sinking.

Get in the lifeboat!

Jeff Schultz, LPC, CSAT, is the owner and founder of the Sono­ran Heal­ing Cen­ter in Phoenix, Arizona.

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