Therapy services

Therapy services

Our counseling services treat sex addicts, couples, and trauma

“Recovery is such an amazing place – full of the joys of experiencing life for the very first time. [My wife] and I continue to discover new depths of relationship and I am relaxing into the promises of recovery. … I continue to be surprised at how well the program works when I really apply it to my life.” – Ken A

Sex addiction specialization matters

We help sex addicts get stopped and stay stopped, we help partners heal from the trauma of sexual betrayal, and we help couples emerge from betrayal feeling safer and more intimately connected than ever before.

Our counseling services cover all facets of healing from sexual addiction. This level of sexual addiction specialization is critical in making recovery possible for the sex addict and his partner.

At Sonoran Counseling Services, we understand that the fallout from the sex addict’s behavior and how it affects every relationship in their life. Healing is possible for all.

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