What to do when sex addiction negatively impacts your family or life

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Shame of sex addiction

If you think your sex addiction negatively impacts your family or life in general, continue reading about how a therapist specializing in sex addiction can help you break free from those chains.


Sexual addiction is a scary thing. It can take over your life and lead to depression, anxiety, shame, and even suicide. The good news is that sex addiction therapy strategies work to free you from this disease!

In this blog post, we will share a relatable story, and some of the benefits therapy offers for people struggling with sexual addiction so that you can start living your best life now.


Don’t suffer in shame and silence alone with your sex addiction. You are not alone. Read the following story and see if you can identify with it:

I was back in my hotel room after spending hours making poor choices and drawing deeper into my sexual shame, the sex addiction problem. I had a business meeting scheduled within a few hours. Still, I couldn’t sleep. My mind was full of sexual scenes and the creeping sense of regret.

As I lay there wide awake, everything seemed to get worse; the darkness just felt so heavy on me as if it were trying to suffocate me again like when I first started on this journey—the one where the pain became a pleasure, shame became arousal, fear turned to excitement. Of course, it didn’t help that every time I closed my eyes, all those images came flooding back, memories of childhood abuses, and even things I did that I felt deep shame about filled my thoughts.

I’m so much better now, I tell myself. And yet as my mind raced through all the things that triggered me, darkness descended on me, and I felt like there was no escape from it.”

Here are some ways a sex addiction counselor can help:

  • Sex addiction therapy will help free you from depression, anxiety, shame, and other undesirable feelings surrounding sex addiction.
  • Therapy provides both emotional support and accountability. These are two crucial factors in the healing process of sexual addiction.
  • Counseling gives you the courage to face your issues and move on. A trained sex addiction therapist can help you break down what is going wrong in your life- including common triggers that lead to sex addiction and relapse. This will give you a better understanding of how to change this pattern for good.



I came to Jeff in a crisis, and I can’t thank him enough. From the moment I stepped through his door, he put me at ease and provided invaluable insight into our situation with years of experience that showed. We were struggling to repair our relationship, and Jeff offered support and clarity on how we could salvage it. With Jeff’s expertise and Francesca’s help, my partner is back in my life for good.


For those who are struggling with sex addiction, there is hope. There are treatment options available that are proven to help people get their lives back on track and avoid relapse. If you think you or someone you love might have sex addiction, please contact us. Call now: (480) 287-2393. We can answer any questions about the diagnosis process or provide resources for recovering from sex addiction. We provide guidance for your partner through the recovery process.

Thank you for reading today’s blog post. I sincerely hope it was helpful and informative in some way 🙂

At Sonoran Counseling, we provide certified porn and sexual addiction therapy. One thing that stands apart for us is our specialized training by world-renowned Patrick Carnes and Pia Mellody and relationship expert Stan Tatkin. 

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