Sex addiction therapy

Shame of sex addiction

What to do when sex addiction negatively impacts your family or life

Published on: July 9, 2021 Category: Sex addiction therapy
If you think your sex addiction negatively impacts your family or life in general, continue reading about how a therapist specializing in sex addiction can help you break free from those chains.   Sexual addiction is a scary thing. It can take over your life and lead to depression, anxiety, shame, and even sui .. Read more

Five reasons a therapist is recommended when disclosing your sexual betrayal

Published on: June 6, 2021 Category: For partners of sex addicts, Sex addiction therapy
Sex addiction can kill your relationship. It is a severe mental health issue, a dysfunction that affects many areas of your life. Your risky sexual behavior hurts you and others around you. It is unlikely – just about impossible – that you can handle sex addiction on your own. Probably you do your best to fight off .. Read more
Trauma for Partners

Working with Partners of Sex Addicts: An Interview with Dr. Barbara Steffens

Published on: April 4, 2018 Category: For partners of sex addicts, Sex addiction therapy
Can you talk briefly about your study, where you looked at betrayed partners of sex addicts from the trauma perspective? The research looked at trauma symptoms in betrayed partners after they learned about their spouse’s sexual addiction and betrayal. We expected to find some evidence of trauma symptoms when we un .. Read more

6 Ways People Stay Addicted to Pornography

Published on: February 18, 2015 Category: Sex addiction therapy
Pornography addiction is “…cunning, baffling, and powerful.” Relapse, while not required, is often a part of recovery. All too often, I hear the story of chronic relapse. Again and again, despite one’s best efforts to stop, the “dark wolf” of pornography addiction rears its ugly head. Does this sou .. Read more
12 step group

Why do I need a sex addiction therapist if i’m using the 12 Steps?

Published on: June 13, 2014 Category: Sex addiction therapy
Congratulations! If you have committed to attending 12 Step meetings, you have decided that you want a life in recovery. Using the 12 Steps is an excellent way to regain control of your life, but it’s not enough. While being close to a group that shares your problems can be a rewarding experience, there are areas of .. Read more

Early Sex Addiction Recovery: The Wave

Published on: July 27, 2012 Category: Sex addiction therapy, Sex/Porn addiction education
Discovery is a little like being crushed by a huge ocean wave. Early Sex addiction recovery is like a that wave pummels you for what seems like forever. Instinct takes over and you fight to catch a breath. It's a fight you can't win, so you surrender yourself to the fate of the angry sea. And the wave carries you .. Read more
CHoosing a sex addiction counselor

Choosing a Sex Addiction Counselor: Are You Getting the Best Care?

Published on: October 13, 2011 Category: Sex addiction therapy
You've been discovered in your acting out behavior ... and now you must make a decision. Do you make a real effort at recovery or do you make more promises that you hope you can keep? This time you decide well and choose to do whatever it takes to get and stay Sexually Sober. This Includes Counseling. Whether .. Read more

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